A Love of Fire, Fajitas, Family and Friends

Comal Fajita House is 2 years old, but the story starts well before that. Chef Breck was raised cooking out, surrounded by friends and family. His love of cooking over fire started early, and he’s spent his life perfecting different methods for making fires, cooking meat and feeding those around him. Comal Fajita House is the product of years and years of perfecting his methods.

  • Our Inspiration

    Our inspiration starts with fire. We love cooking over an open flame. The timing, the smoke, the char. It doesn’t get any better. Or more delicious.

Our Food

There’s no secret recipe here. Smoked, then seared to perfection, with the highest-quality ingredients we can source. We think there’s something to be said for simple food that is created from patience, attention to detail and a love of fire.

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All of our meat is sourced from animals without antibiotics or added growth hormone and raised humanely with respect for the animals and the land. Our beef is regeneratively raised on family farms who care just as much about sustainability as they do about high-quality meat. Always pasture raised and grass fed and finished — you really can’t find a better product. And our chicken is also always pasture raised and never caged. We work hard to make sure we only work with farmers who do good by our planet and right by our animals


Organic veggies picked at their peak. We cook with the best bell peppers and onions we can.


Our fajitas are seasoned with our secret dry rub (all natural, gluten free, no sugar added) and lime juice. It’s as simple and tasty as we can get it.

Avocado Oil

No seed oil here. We only use avocado oil in our cooking. It’s high smoke point and neutral flavor are perfect for our fajitas.

“I like to keep them stocked in the fridge, so I always have a nutrient-dense meal around.”


Founder and CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition

Find the fire-seared fajitas you’ve been looking for.

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