Frequently Asked Questions


How many people will one pound feed?

Well, depends on who you're feeding and how you're using the meat. Typically, it's standard to assume around a quarter pound of meat per adult, and half that for kids. But, when in doubt, go up (our meat is awesome as left-overs for breakfast).

Are your meats gluten free?

Yes. We chose to only use a dry rub on our meat instead of heavy marinades so we are able to use only organic, natural, gluten-free, non-GMO spices on our meats. We use avocado oil when searing the meat. The flavor of our product comes mostly from the premium quality of the meat and the smoke and char of post-oak wood-fire. 

Where can I see your ingredients and nutritional info?

Coming soon, this will be on all packs and on our website. Please reach out to if you have specific questions.  

Why do you have limited pick-up options and will you expand that?

Yes, we will expand that, but we are exploring multiple ways of doing that without compromising the quality. We cook our meat within 48 hours of being picked up, so you have the freshest product when you're ready to eat. Also, the process of trimming, seasoning, smoking, searing, cooling, and packaging is a fairly long process that cannot be rushed, so we have to allow some time to have your order prepared. *We have pickup options Tuesday-Sunday.

How long is the vacuum-sealed pack good for?

We recommend freezing after 10 days as long as you keep cold during that time. We list a "Cook Date" and a "Freeze-By Date" on each package to help. 

If I freeze my pack of meat, how should I prepare it?

We recommend letting it defrost first, then prepare using the same method as normal (listed on our site). 

Where are you located?

We are located in the northwest corner of the Arbor Food Park at 1108 E. 12th Street. Look for the Big Rig smoker.

Do you offer curbside pickup?

Yes! You are able to pull right up to our location, text us and we'll bring it out to you. All the instructions are listed in the order confirmations. Text 512.913.0869 when you arrive.

Do you ship?

Yes, we  CURRENTLY SHIP IN TEXAS ONLY. There is 1-2 day processing timeline, then shipping is set up to be no more than 3 days depending on shipping selection.

Do you cater? 

Yes. Shoot us an email to find out more. We typically only cater events where we can cook on site and build fires! Feel free to contact us with questions. WE DO HOST PRIVATE DINNERS ONSITE.

Do you deliver?

We are currently not delivering, but are shipping.

Can I walk-up and purchase food at your location?

Only during special events. Join our email list and stay up-to-date on all events.

What does "Comal" mean?

The name of our company, "Comal," represents several things. First, the name is a nod to the piece of equipment used to cook tortillas and other items on and the rustic, simplicity and authenticity that this represents in cooking.  At Comal, all our meat is seared on a steel flat top over a live fire. But the word "Comal," for us, also, and most importantly, represents a play on the phrase "Come-All," as our greater purpose in forming this company is to create a place/environment that brings people together, strengthens communities, unites and celebrates the diverse community of Austin, while striving to live full, meaningful lives. 

We also love the idea that Comal Street is one block away from where our original location is, and that the Comal River is the greatest place on earth to float and where we spent summers growing up. So, there's that as well. 

How "Local" are you?

I was born in Austin, raised in Austin and live in Austin. There is no where else on earth that I would choose to raise a family and start a business. I went to Cook and Govalle Elementary schools, Burnett Middle School and Lanier High School. I left for a few years to attend Texas Tech university, then returned after graduation. I have 3 daughters who attend public schools here is Austin, my wife is a Registered Nurse at a local hospital and my entire family lives in the Austin area.